Identity & Access Management as a Service

Identycore is a  fully managed  IAM & PAM  service against competitive, pay as you go prices.

A fully managed IAM & PAM solution

AspisID’s Identycore (IAM as a managed service) offers you a fully managed IAM solution that ensures that you remain in control, control costs, and comply with legislation and regulations. With Identycore, you can set up the identity and access management of your organization robustly and sustainably while outsourcing the management of the service to the experts of AspisID. You no longer have to worry about the complexity between your organisation’s business processes, the technical possibilities of IAM, and the laws and regulations that apply to you. This allows you to respond quickly to changes in your organization, in processes, in IT and in policies and regulations.

Secure access to business sensitive information

Fast and efficient access to information is crucial for your business continuity. You want to be sure that access to business-sensitive information is arranged correctly in your systems. That is why it is essential to organize your internal processes so that your employees and your business partners have easy and efficient access to the information to which they are authorized. Even if changes take place in your organization, the applications, processes and systems you use.

Why IAM as a Service

Easy start

No prior IAM knowledge needed. Easy start!

Best practices

Don't worry about elaborate features that are not immediately required. Identycore features standard building blocks for a solid identity and access management

Save more

Even if your organization can afford an IAM tool, you might not have the budget or resources to implement and support it. IAM as a Service solves this problem!

Expert management

Our IAM experts are here for you! Stay focused on your company and let us take care of IAM management.

With Identycore, Aspisid offers standard IAM/PAM building blocks via best practices for solid identity and access management. We continuously keep those building blocks up to date with the latest innovations and best-practices. We ensure that IAM runs so that you can focus on your core business. 

Worry free IAM

Fully managed IAM solution

Set up the identity and access management of your organization in a robust and sustainable manner, while outsourcing the management of the service to the experts of AspisID.

Reduce IAM CapEx

If you want to reduce IAM CapEx, reduce IT asset ownership and over-capacity while increasing the capabilities of IAM/PAM, start with IAM as a Service.

Fast implementation

By using the IAAS and the available best-practise processes, the Identycore can be implemented between 60-90 days.

Return on investment

You do not have the skills and time and it is better and cheaper to buy IAM as a Service.

Let us inform you about the details of our IAM/PAM as a service offering