About AspisID

Identity and Acces Management professional services provider.

Identycore is a service from AspisID

AspisID is an Identity and Access Management professional services organization, providing consultancy, project management and IAM/PAM managed services. Our unique, business value-oriented approach allows us to accelerate delivery and help clients with their digital transformation in a tangible way. With extensive knowledge and skills in project management, business analysis, implementation, development and support, we can make this transformation an end-to-end success for every customer.


We aim to deliver high-quality Identity and Access Management services in a simplified, efficient and secure way, satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations.


AspisID is specialized in delivering professional services around various IAM and PAM solutions and managed services. Our IAM competence centre in Greece is specialized in providing Identity & Access Management (IAM) support and managed services. Our Dutch office delivers project managers, business analysts and IAM/PAM consultants.


Driven by Agile principles and practices, we customize our way of working to match the needs of each client and the goals aimed to be achieved. We are flexible and able to adapt to change at any given time and place focus on transparency, communication and collaboration.


Continuous learning and development are key principles of our working culture. We strive for employee satisfaction and engagement because our people are the heart of our business and we all grow and succeed together. We love creating strong bonds and long-lasting partnerships with our clients and develop a sense of community and trust.


We operate in 9 european counties with more then 25 experts in the field of IAM. We won several awards like the “Best new partner award” and the “Innovation award” from One Identity.

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